A community of interest (COI) is a community of people who share a common interest. These people exchange ideas and thoughts about the given interest. A collaborative group of users that must exchange information in pursuit of its shared goals,interests,missions,or business processes and therefore must have shared vocabulary for the information exchanges.
Community of Interest is an organizational construct for working collaboratively to establish clusters of data interoperability that cross formal boundaries. COIs are important because they make explicit and widely visible (publish names,advertisements of what they doing,who’s involved etc.) vital information sharing task groups that would not otherwise be even recognized as organizations.
COIs bring together participants in information sharing federations (connected net-centric capabilities plus the organizations that operate and develop them). These federations may be of varying degrees of “tightness;”i.e.,the groups and capabilities involved in them retain more or less autonomy. COI participants are able to collaboratively make and maintain vocabulary choices,expresses in implementable artifacts,and other agreements on information sharing modalities. In tighter federations,COIs may actually constitute configuration control boards.

Challenges of CIC-COI:

  • Working with widely dispersed organizations,and the problem of involvement and participation
  • Working with organizations facing high cost operations
  • Working with organizations in transnational environment
  • Working in community settings with diverse interest groups (14 thematic areas)
  • Working at the global level and adapting these methods for cross-cultural use between communities of interest
  • Embedding and sustaining new patterns of working together in organizations and communities

Aims of CIC-COI:

  • To establish clusters of knowledge for methods,techniques and technologies in the targeted thematic areas
  • To establish join interest for commercial applications from knowledge sharing
  • To update the community about new technologies and cost reduction solutions
  • To utilize user input for creating new ideas and improve service delivery quality